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Muoflegend Season 6

Servidor Slow con funciones personalizadas!

Free to play server for EVERYONE

Play without limits and enjoy this server!

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Exp : x15 Online Player: 2,067
  • Exp 15x Dynamic
  • Exp Master 5x
  • Drop 30%
  • Mode REBIRTH
  • Reset Max 5 Resets
  • Huntsystem Yes
  • LastMan Yes
  • Ruud system Yes
  • GP Hunt Yes
  • Free2Play 100%
Top Rankings
1Lord EmperorBOOKERT557
2Fist MasterAmenazzy557
3High ElfDinora527
4Grand MasterBLiZaRD526
5Fist MasterSinCadeNas524
6High ElfCaRniEE522
7Grand MasterSmCaRni520
8High ElfLynda519
9Fist MasterLComAdreJA518
10Grand MasterPulsar518
11Blade MasterBk0CaRni517
12Fist MasterFullGym517
13Fist MasterLEGION516
14Lord EmperorCadenitas515
15Fist MasterThorKell2515
16Lord EmperorSiniestro515
17Blade MasterBogota511
18High ElfLisboa511
19Lord EmperorProfesor511
20Grand MasterMoscu510
21Fist MasterPalermo509
22Grand MasterMorgeSM507
23Lord EmperorEsma506
24High ElfEnergia502
25Dimension MasterMorge501
26Blade MasterGuerrero500
27Fist MasterMorgeRF497
28Lord EmperorThorKell496
29High Elfalicia495
30Grand MasterxSiCaRiOx495
31Blade MasterxSiCaRiOx2494
32Blade MasterxXShurAXx487
33High ElfxXAytanAXx487
34Fist MasterAldebaraN486
35Grand MasterxXCamuSXx485
36High ElfThreX484
37Fist MasterDoosX483
38Grand MasterCeroX482
39High ElfPepsi482
40Fist MasterEhGatin481
41Lord EmperorxXShakAXx481
42Grand MasterPilsen480
43Fist MasterCocaCola478
44High ElfMissEnergy478
45Lord EmperorCocaCoIa478
46Grand MasterBLANCKSM478
47Blade MasterRandy478
48Blade MasterDAVION477
49Lord EmperorMiracle476
50Fist MasterKusembo474
  • #NameClassLevel
  • 1BOOKERTLord Emperor557
  • 2AmenazzyFist Master557
  • 3DinoraHigh Elf527
  • 4BLiZaRDGrand Master526
  • 5SinCadeNasFist Master524
  • 6CaRniEEHigh Elf522
  • 7SmCaRniGrand Master520
  • 8LyndaHigh Elf519
  • 9LComAdreJAFist Master518
  • 10PulsarGrand Master518
  • #MarkNameScore
  • 1FighTers160,017
  • 2UnivErs7106,577
  • 3FigTers77,038
  • 4Rampage53,813
  • 5ANARKIA50,132
  • 6EDELWEIS38,834
  • 7INCAS27,597
  • 8RESPECT18,286
  • 9WARNING13,518
  • 10LYCANS12,861
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